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The World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) was formed in May 1994 at Barcelona, Spain, when two international organizations, namely, International Laser Therapy Association (ILTA) and International Society for Laser Application In Medicine (ISLAM), unified to pursue the common goals of promoting research, education and clinical application of laser photostimulation world-wide. About three hundred delegates attended the unification congress.

WALT hosts its World Congress every two years with venues spread worldwide. Since its formation in 1994, congresses have been held in:

  1. Jerusalem, Israel (1996)
  2. Kansas City, USA (1998)
  3. Athens, Greece (2000)
  4. Tsukuba, Japan (2002)
  5. Guarujá, SP, Brazil (2004)
  6. Limassol, Cyprus (2006)
  7. Sun City, South Africa (2008)
  8. Bergen, Norway (2010)
  9. Gold Coast, Australia (2012)
  10. Arlington, Washington USA (2014)
  11. Maresias, SP, Brazil (2016)
  12. The next conference will be held in France in 2018.

WALT pursues its mission of research, education, and clinical application of laser therapy via workshops, biennial congresses and our scientific journal – Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. Member contact is kept via three eNewsletters per annum.


The World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) was formed in 1994 in Barcelona, Spain at the joint Congress of the International Laser Therapy Association (ILTA) and the International Society for Laser Application in Medicine (ISLAM) when these two international groups merged and WALT became the leading world body for promoting research, education and clinical applications in the field of photo-therapy with lasers and other light sources.

The multi-national membership includes the world’s leading experts in all forms of treatment mediated by the photo-bio-modulating effects of light occurring without thermal effects on irradiated tissue.


The official journal of WALT up until 2003 was Laser Therapy. Since 2004 to date, the official journal of WALT is Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. Printed by Mary Ann Liebert, USA, It is the leading photomedical scientific journal and is published online 12 times a year.

The association is grateful to the following individuals and organizations for their major gifts in initiating and establishing Photomedicine and Laser Surgery in 2004: Toshio Ohshiro Japan Medical Laser Laboratory/ Ohshiro Clinics, Tokyo, Japan; James Carroll – Thor International, Amersham, Bucks, U.K; Farouk Al-Watban – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia; Neil Camera – Laser Therapeutics, Centerville MA, U.S.A.; Tina Czech – Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Chukuka S. Enwemeka – Kansas City, KS, U.S.A.; Felix Kramer – Baar-Zug, Switzerland; Judith Le Broque – Sunbury, Victoria, Australia; Prof. Dr. H.P. Peter Marti – Thun, Switzerland; Institute Marti – Thun, Switzerland; MKW Therapiesystems – Sinzheim, Germany; Kevin C. Moore – Oldham, U.K.; Mark J. Rogers – Adelaide, Australia; Ervin Tanos – Budapest, Hungary; Jan Tunér – Grangesberg, Sweden; Lutz Wilden – Nabburg, Germany; Sue Wright – Chadstone, Victoria, Australia.


WALT has run under the leadership of the following presidents: 

  • Prof Shimon Rochkind, Israel (1996-1998),
  • Prof Chukuka Enwemeka, USA (1998-2000)
  • Dr Nic Nicolopoulos, Greece (2000-2002)
  • Dr Kazuo Hanaoka, Japan (2002-2004)
  • Prof Also Brugnera Jnr, Brazil (2004-2006)
  • Prof Farouk Al-Watban, Saudi Arabia (2006-2008)
  • Prof Jan Bjordal, Norway (2008-2010)
  • Prof Heidi Abrahamse, South Africa (2010 –2012)
  • Prof Liisa Laakso, Australia (2013-2014)
  • Prof Rodrigo Lopes Martins, Brazil (2015 – 2016)
  • Prof Jan Bjordal, Norway (2017-2018)

Regular Members Of The Executive Council:

  • Jan Bjordal (Norway)
  • University of Bergen & Bergen University College, Norway President
  • Rodrigo Lopes Martins (Brazil) Past President
  • Praveen R Arany (USA)
  • Oral Biology, School of Dental Medicine
  • University at Buffalo, New York President Elect
  • Reza Fekrazad (Iran)
  • Laser Research Center, and Deputy Director of Dean in Research Affairs
  • Dental Faculty of AJA University of Medical Sciences Secretary General
  • René-Jean Bensadoun (France)
  • Centre de Haute Energie, Nice (France) Scientific Secretary
  • Nicolette Houreld (South Africa)
  • Laser Research Centre, Faculty of Health Sciences,
  • University of Johannesburg, South Africa Treasurer
  • Martha Simões Ribeiro (Brazil)
  • Instituto de Pesquisas Energéticas e Nucleares, Brazil Membership Secretary
  • Heidi Abrahamse (South Africa)
  • Laser Research Centre, Faculty of Health Sciences,
  • University of Johannesburg, South Africa Journal Co-Editor-in-Chief
  • Ann Liebert (Australia)
  • Photomolecular Research, Australasian Research Institute
  • Sydney Adventist (San) Hospital, Sydney
  • Scientific Advisory Board
  • Caetano P. Sabino (Brazil)
  • School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • University of Sao Paulo Scientific Advisory Board
  • Ernesto Cesar Pinto Leal-Junior (Brazil)
  • Phototherapy in Sports and Exercise,
  • Nove Julho University, Sao Paulo Scientific Advisory Board
  • Kathy Kalhori (Iran) Scientific Advisory Board
  • Nivaldo Parizotto (Brazil)
  • Federal University of Sao Carlos Scientific Advisory Board
  • Silvia Cristina Nuñez (Brazil) Scientific Advisory Board


The Mission of the World Association for Laser Therapy (WALT) is:

“To stimulate high quality research in photobiomodulation, offer evidence-based guidance, education and standards for best practice in low level laser therapy and contribute to the promotion of health and quality of life.”

The aims of the Association are:

  • To promote the evidence-based clinical application of laser therapy in the fields of medical practice, dentistry, veterinary medicine and allied health professions.
  • To encourage research into the clinical application of photo-therapy in accordance with internationally accepted standards of best practice.
  • To encourage laboratory-based research into mechanisms of photo-bio-modulation.
  • To promote education, encourage international co-operation and provide a forum for information exchange.
  • To establish WALT as the international reference body for accreditation of standards in research and education in laser therapy across all disciplines.

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