Wednesday, October 3, 2018

(Program maybe subject to change)

Time Event Chair(s) Outline Speaker(s)
10.00 AM Registration
1.30 PM Workshops 1
Cancer Safety (Room 1) René Jean Bensadoun,
Andrei Barasch,
Judith Raber,
Joël Epstein,
Praveen Arnay,
Mike Hamblin

  • Is there a risk for PBM to promote cancer progression?
René Jean Bensadoun,
Andrei Barasch,
Judith Raber,
Joël Epstein,
Praveen Arnay,
Mike Hamblin

Physical Therapy (Room 2) Jan Bjordal    
Veterinary Medicine (Room 3)
Veterinary Medicine and One Health…PBMT is Center Stage
Ron Hirschberg
  • Understanding and Applying the Principles of PBM
  • PBM and Enhancement of Blood Flow
  • Light as Analgesic Therapy
James Carroll,
Roberta Chow,
Dental PBM (Room 4)
Advances in Dental PBM:
Home Use Lasers
Jan Tunér
  • History, Introduction & equipment
  • Review of current scientific evidence, update on Home Care Lasers
  • Some lasers demonstration & hands-on
Carlo Fornaini,
Jan Tunér
PBM Education (Room 5) Thomas Mang,
Chris Wallinski
3.00 PM Coffee Break
3.30 PM Workshops II
Clinical Trials Consortium (Room 1) Liisa Laakso  

Ann Liebert,
Liisa Laakso,
René Jean Bensadoun

Scientific Publishing in PBM (Room 2) Mike Hamblin,
Juanita Anders,
Kevyan Nouri,
Ron Allison,
Antonio Pinero
Veterinary Medicine (Room 3)
Veterinary Medicine and One Health…PBMT is Center Stage
Ron Hirschberg
  • “One practitioner’s journey from the veterinary world to the human world and in between”
  • Light Therapy in Clinical Veterinary Practice… My Favorite Things
  • PBM and Chronic Renal Disease… A Game (and Prognosis) Changer
Marty Henderson,
Richard Godine,
Ron Hirschberg
Acupuncture (Room 4) Gerard Litscher,
Steve Liu
  • Laser Acupuncture/Laser Field Therapy and Analysis of the Autonomic Nervous System
  • Laser Acupuncture and Auricular Medicine
  • Laser Watch – A New Option for Simultaneous Laser Acupuncture and Laser Blood Irradiation
  • Laser Acupuncture – Practical Aspects
  • Laser Acupuncture and LLLT in Cardiology
Volkmar Kreisel,
Gerhard Litscher,
Daniela Litscher,
Steve Liu,
Michael Weber
Research Process (Room 5)
Demystifying the Research Process: Structuring Strong Research to Move Photobiomodulation Therapy Forward
Jeri Anne Lyons
  • Strategies to choosing a sound, impactful research question
    • The importance of basic science
      Model selection; controls; mechanism
    • The continuum of basic science, translational science, clinical science
    • Clinical studies/Case Studies/Anecdotal data/Clinical trials
  • Broad outline of how a proposal should be structured
    • Structure of basic/translational
    • Clinical Studies
    • Considerations
  • Getting a lab/investigator team together and managing a team
    • How to identify needs, and the right people to fill those needs?
    • The importance of a team approach to successful science
    • Differences across the spectrum of basic, translational, clinical
  • Publishing strategies
    • How do you go about identifying the best, most impactful place to publish
Jeri Ann Lyons,
Praveen Arany
5.00 PM Welcome Session René-Jean Bensadoun (Moderator)
5.15 PM Opening Ceremony World Session Invited organizations and guests
5:30 PM History of WALT Reza Fekrazad
6.00 PM Presidential Plenary 1:
Photobiomodulation Therapy: Current status and Future directions
Jan Bjordal (Clinical)    
6.30 PM Presidential Plenary 2:
Photobiomodulation Therapy—Current status and Future directions
Praveen Arany (Research)    
7.00 PM PBM Advances Uri Oron    
7.30 PM PBM Innovations Clark Tedford    
8.00 PM Welcome Reception for Gold Industry Sponsors at the Salon Riviera, Le Méridien Nice

Thursday, October 4, 2018

(Program maybe subject to change)

Time Event Chair(s) Outline Speaker(s)
7.00 AM Breakfast
8.00 AM Keynote Speaker: Nivaldo Parizotto  
  • Can photobiomodulation treat obesity and metabolic syndrome?
Nivaldo Parizotto
9.00 AM Plenary Session I
Clinical Guidelines:
PBM in Musculoskeletal Disorders and Sport Medicine
Jan Bjordal,
Rodrigo Lopes, Martins
Nivaldo Parizotto
  Cleber Feressi,
Ernesto Leal Jr
10.30 AM Coffee Break
11.00 AM Plenary Session II
Clinical Guidelines:
PBM in Supportive Cancer Care
René-Jean Bensadoun, Rajesh Lalla
  • Photobiomodulation in Oro-craniofacial complications
    of cancer therapy
Raj Nair
Round Table Moderators:
Jan Bjordal,
Jean Klastersky
Round Table Participants:
Andrei Barasch, Joel Epstein, Marie-Thérèse Genot, Arun Maiya, Sharon Elad, Ken Hu, Cesar Migliorati, Judith Raber, J Robijns, Eduardo Fregnani, Dan Milstein, Nathaniel Triester, Gaston Ciais, Nathalie Pinto, Vladimir A. Mikhaylov Denise Collangettes, Eric Jadaud
12.30 PM Lunch & WALT Members Meeting
1.30 PM Special Session
Future Vision: (Room 3)
Low Dose Biophotonics: Photobiomodulation, Photodynamic therapy, Optogenetics & Optical imaging
Reza Fekrazad
Michael Hamblin
Tayaba Hasan
Ron Allison
Thomas Mang
2.30 PM Parallel Sessions I
Future Vision: (Room 1)
Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

Heidi Abrahamse,
Uri Oron

  • Photobiomodulation responses on Normal and Cancer Stem Cells
Heidi Abrahamse,
Praveen Arany
Consesus Statement (Room 2)
Veterinary – Cases, Cases and More Cases
Ron Hirschberg,
Richard Godine
  • PBM as Integrative Therapy in the Treatment of Hepatic, Panccreatic and Surgical Diseases
Marketing Session (Room 3)      
3.30 PM Future Vision: (Room 3)
Session Francophone
(French Session)

MT Genot et Michèle
Pelletier, Xavier Dufour


  • Etat de l’Art en Oncologie et Hématologie
  • Dentisterie
  • Dermatologie
  • Physiotherapie
  • Medecine du Sport
RJ Bensadoun
Round Table Participants: Hichem Chenaitia, Jean Klastersky, Gaston Ciais, Nathalie Pinto, Denise Collangettes, Eric Jadaud, Olivier Caselles, JP Rocca,
Linda Fouque, Damien Giacchero, Dr Scotté, Dr Van Willigen, Yves Saban, Dr Poiree,, Dr York, Mario Di Palma, Pr Krakowski, Pierre Boisselier, Stephane Schneider, N Mounier, Baptiste Pinel, Helga Ferreira, Charles Canova, Idriss Troussier, Jean Abouchar, Nicolas Magné,
David Vallancogne
3.45 PM Coffee Break
4.15 PM Parallel Sessions II
Future Vision: (Room 1)
Advances in PBM Therapy Delivery
Nathaniel Treister,
Chris Castel,
Jan Bjorda,l
Michael Hans Weber
  • Understanding photonics terminology and dose in PBM Therapy
  • Delivering the optimal therapy with PBM
  • Delivering PBM Systemically & deep tissue with percutaneous delivery systems

Olivier Caselle,
Chris Castel,
Michael Hans Weber

Future Vision: (Room 2)
Metabolic and Auto-Immune Disorders

Nicolette Houreld,
Farouk Al-Watban
  • PBM parameter optimization for three wavelengths using in vitro human dermal fibroblasts (hdf) and c2c12 skeletal muscle cell line models
Juanita Anders

Marketing Session (Room 3)

5.30 PM Adjourn
7.30 PM Presidential Awards and Dinner at the Hotel Westminster Nice for Platinum Industry Sponsors (optional)

Friday, October 5, 2018

(Program maybe subject to change)

Time Event Chair(s) Outline Speaker(s)
7.00 AM Breakfast
8.00 AM Keynote Speaker: Mike Hamblin     Mike Hamblin
9.00 AM Plenary Session I
Clinical Guidelines (Room 1)
PBM in Ophthalmology
Janis Eells,
Kristina Valter
  • PBM in Experimental Models of Retinal Degeneration
  • PBM in Diabetic Retinopathy
  • PBM in Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration
Krisztina Valter,
Tim Kern,
Graham Merry
Consensus Statement (Room 2)
PBM in Dentistry

Jan Tunér,
Reza Fekrazad

  • PBMT in Oral Surgery (Extractions &TMJ)
  • MT in Pediatrics
  • PBMT in Orthodontics
  • PBMT in Endodontics
  • PBMT in Oral Medicine
  • PBMT in Periodontology & Implant

Jan Tunér,
Carlo Fornaini,
Mark Cronshaw,
Katayoun AM Kalhori,
Elisabetta Merigo,
Reza Fekrazad

Marketing Session (Room 3)      
10.30 AM Coffee Break
11.00 AM Plenary Session II

Clinical Guidelines: (Room 1)
PBM in Neurorehabilitation

Shimon Rochkind,
Mike Hamblin
Consensus Statement: (Room 2)
PBM in Wound Healing

Chris Castel,
J Buentzel
  • 10 years experiences with PDT and LLLT in chronic wounds
  • LLLT and PDT in malignant wounds of Head Neck cancer patients
  • The Effect of Photobiomodulation on Healing and Pain Relief of Quadriceps
    Muscle Contusions
  • Continuous vs Pulsed Photobiomodulation, bacterial time-kill studies using a
    novel printed LED light source

Thomas Giesen,
Jens Büntzel,
David Draper,
Chukuka Enwemeka

Marketing Session (Room 3)


12.30 PM Lunch & WALT Members Meeting
2.00 PM Parallel Sessions I
Consensus Statement: (Room 1)

Gerhard Litscher
  • Laser Acupuncture – Traditional Aspects and Innovative Trends
  • Pulsed Laser Field Therapy – New Approaches for Laser Acupuncture
  • An Integrative Approach to Parkinson’s Disease Treatment with Laser Acupuncture – PLANtoMOVE Protocol
  • Laser Acupuncture and LLLT in Cardiology: Clinical Observation Studies and Successful Protocols

Gerhard Litscher,
Volkmar Kreisel,
Steve Liu,
Michael Weber

Future Vision: (Room 2)
Molecular Mechanisms

Tiina Karu,
Harry Whelan,
Ann Liebert

  • Precision medicine approaches to PBM
  • PBM effect on the microbiome and abscopal effects.

Praveen Arany,
Brian Bicknell

Marketing Session (Room 3)


3.15 PM Coffee Break & Exhibition
3.45 PM Parallel Sessions II
Future Vision: (Room 1)
PBM Regulations, Policy, Reimbursement, Industry, Entrepreneurship
James Carroll  


Future Vision: (Room 2)
PBM: The “Pivot of Modern Rejuvenation”
Michele Pelletie,
Linda Fouque
  • Between petri dish and clinical outcome: An experimental quest for optimal treatment parameters
Alexander Wunch
Marketing Session (Room 3)


5.00 PM Closing Session
Meeting Summary and Future Directions
Praveen Arany,
Jan Bjordal,
René-Jean Bensadoun
7.30 PM Get Together Party at Le Ligure Restaurant (optional)